Someone Is Hurting Our Babies

Someone is hurting our babies? We are at the scene five minutes ago. We are IN THE CAR without shoes or purse heading to the preschool. We’ll homeschool forever if we have to. At the daycare? Our children are out of there. We’ll find a way to work at home. We are rushing home from a pleasant dinner to the nanny or the babysitter or the in-law after seeing something through our Teddycam that doesn’t seem quite right. Our kid says a friend’s mother yelled at him and blamed him for something he didn’t do? We are on that phone.

Someone is hurting our babies? Are you kidding us? Hell will not be half enough to pay. Whether someone laid a hand on them, yelled at them, neglected them, whether a mean kid bullied our babies on the bus, or a teacher belittled a project they worked so hard on.

We will do anything, anything, to protect our babies. Put us in jail for all we care. We’ll study for advanced degrees and when we get out, we’ll use the proper machinery to properly kick these people’s sorry butts all the way out of town, no the state, promptly upon release. No, wait, scratch that, we can’t trust anyone to take care of our babies. We’ll have to do this peacefully.

A woman in New York state sent me this video yesterday. A car could not help get Nikki to the place where someone was hurting her baby. Nor phone calls–nor e-mails–nor repeated pleas to the courts.

“My baby Sal was taken away from me at 3 years old because I reported abuse,” Nikki told me. “After he was taken away from me I saw him one hour a week at CPS location. My son came into CPS location with the injuries you see on the video and more. This is terrible what is happening to the women in this country. I don’t know it’s happening but there’s so many of us and it’s the same story.”

I can tell you this, she is right. This is not an occasional misstep, an unfortunate crack this baby has fallen into. I am not exaggerating to say it’s epidemic. It’s just that after all the pleas to a system that might as well be deaf, these mothers’ voices are so hoarse and their bodies so weary from trying to save their babies, they feel isolated, defeated and alone. So their burgeoning numbers are hard to see.

“CPS is not admitting that they made a mistake taking my son away from me and giving him to his father,” Nikki says. “My son told Police and CPS workers (repeatedly) where he got these injuries. CPS did not listen to my son.”

What is wrong with these people that they can’t stop this derriere-covering and reverse this and return this baby to the safety of his mother’s arms?? Are they afraid? Underpaid? Paid off? Cold and indifferent? Apathetic because they see this all too often and in all their forms and red tape, “There is nothing they can do?”

Really? There is nothing they can do? Do you see these babies, people? Someone is hurting them!

Laura with head injury
Robin Karr’s baby Laura as she appeared for a supervised visitation. Robin’s deep concern did not affect the court-ordered robot who dismissively and indifferently returned the baby to the place of abuse the moment time was up.

We who have the grace to have our children in our lives know what it’s like when hopping in the car or making that phone call, when 10 minutes ago wouldn’t be soon enough.

Can you imagine how these mothers feel when our great court system and its layers and layers of shadowy bureaucracy give them short shrift and behave as if they are a tiresome waste of time? To be told time and time again that there’s nothing they can do?

These are our babies, NOT case numbers. Not clients. Not chattel, not chump change. And someone is hurting them!

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